Why choose Marketing Strategy? How to Promote an app?

marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy Definition

As defined already, the marketing strategy presents the specific direction to be followed in order to accomplish a specific business objective.

It represents the way to achieve greater results, such as sales growth, worldwide brand recognition, higher market penetration, etc.

The reasons for choosing a right marketing strategy


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Many business owners fail to see the benefits of incorporating Marketing strategy in the overall strategic business process. A well-crafted marketing strategy includes the following:

Provides the business with focus and direction by identifying the best opportunities worth pursuing as well as the threats to be avoided

Identifies the tools that the company can effectively use to fight competition and gain market share

Saves company time and money by focusing the resources on attracting the right employees and investing only on marketing initiatives that support the overall business objectives

Differentiates a company from competition by identifying the distinctive advantage and the supporting elements

Translates the company vision, mission, objectives, into effective Marketing initiatives

Serves as foundation for all your communication campaigns

Improves the effectiveness of the Marketing message to customers and partners

Increases sales and profits

Creates consumer preference for the brand

Marketing strategy to promote an app

There are five strategies to promote an app which if implemented can go a long way in promoting a company’s brand.

  1. Identify Your Target Customer First

identify target audience

There’s no question that marketing an app is a lot of work. Make sure you’re directing that energy in the right direction by first identifying your target image.

It would be a very different ball game altogether to market a hidden jewel game than it would be to market a reminders app to working moms, as these statistics would respond differently.

Use brainstorming techniques to articulate who your typical customer or customers might be and what that person or those people would look like.

  1. Consider Pricing Carefully

consider pricing

It’s natural to want to price your app so you’ll earn good revenue from each download.

However, research indicates that apps receive more downloads when they drop in price, and that free and premium apps see the highest download count.

Consider whether you will offer your app for free, use a premium model where you earn money through in-app purchases, or offer your app for a one-time fee. Your customer and app type can help you select a pricing model.

  1. Make full use of all available options

There are many ways to promote your app, and taking advantage of as many of them as possible helps get your app out there.

So, create a post and share it online, schedule weekly tweets that persuade customers to use your app, blog about your app, hold giveaways or promos if users share your app through social media or promote it professionally via Mobile App Marketing companies who specialized on media buying, tracking and ROI optimization.

The wider your net, the more new users you can attract while doing other things and the more market penetration your brand will gain.

  1. Continuously Promote Retention

promote continously


In order to win the app retention battle it is necessary to remind customers why your app is so special and trustworthy. Building a useful app is half of the app retention battle; continuing to remind users why your app improves their life is the other.

On the one hand you should continue to develop new modes of user engagement, including exclusive content, perks, rewards, and so on. On the other hand you have to continuously promote your app and your new offers or features.

If you already have a significant user base, you should think about strengthening the user’s retention through special promotions through Mobile App Retargeting or Re-Engagement campaigns.

  1. Don’t underestimate the International Market

With a few simple changes, many apps can be marketed on an international scale, widely expanding your reach.

Trends in different markets can affect your app’s popularity. If you notice that your app category is trending in South American countries, for example, create a Spanish-language version.

If you notice that your app category is well-known in European countries then you can create a French or German version.


Due to the rising number of apps, advertisers have to work with more specific app marketing strategies to get a user’s attention.

The above five strategies should help you to build up a good precedent to create a successful marketing plan for your app.

Why choose marketing strategy
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Why choose marketing strategy
Many business owners fail to see the benefits of incorporating Marketing strategy in the overall strategic business process.
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