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Yellow Fishes (YF) is a premier branding agency that builds passionate global brands. With its headquarters in Mumbai, this niche agency specializes in Brand Strategy (Brand Naming, Proposition and Brand Positioning) and Brand Design (Identity Design, Packaging Design, Communication Design).  Its clientele includes Bista Solutions (American Business Software Company), Rostaa (India’s Largest Healthy Food Brand) and many others.


1. Importance of Colour in Branding. Why is it important for brands to choose the right palette?

We live in a world full of colors. Human species have evolved in a manner that we can derive meaning from signs, sounds, and colors – even without comprehensible words attached to them. Our smart brains don’t take much time to process the meaning of colors. There was no book, no literature that could educate us about what each color was supposed to mean. Yet, we can find meaning in each color. It’s with the evolution and consistent use of colors in the right context that we have come to associate the true meaning behind colors.

Blue and Green are technology colors – Who said that? It is because all major tech companies use Blue or Green as their primary color. Yellow and Red are auspicious colors in India – Is there any written word about it? No. It is because we see those colors on auspicious days – that we come to associate it as such.

When it comes to choosing the right palette for your brand, don’t go by your whims and fancies. It is not about your favourite shades of teal or turquoise; it’s about your customers. Leave that judgment to your branding agency.

2. Does Branding help in getting user attention and help in increasing the market share?

Certainly. Branding can help businesses expand their markets and increase their  market share. Branding is about ‘knowing’ what kind of customers you want to serve and then ‘attracting’ them to you with the right brand promise(s).

3. What is the best way to Promote a Brand?

I feel the best way to promote a brand is to be really good at what you are selling – be it your product quality or service standards. It all starts from the ‘quality.’ It is only when you deliver great stuff would your brand succeed.

4. How do you recommend allocating budget for branding avenues – digital vs offline?

This would be a subjective call and would be different for each industry. A business like travel & tourism is thriving online, whereas a fashion boutique can’t use online medium too frequently to post its new designer collection. While there is collectively a huge movement towards online branding, all brands must balance both online and offline.

5. When should Branding be started for a new business?

Branding starts before naming. It actually starts from identifying and defining what a brand stands for. So you need to begin several months before your go-to-market date.

6. With a limited budget what is the most effective way to reach your target audience and have them remember your Brand.

You can build a successful brand only if you can make your customers remember you distinctively. So businesses must focus on making clear brand promise(s). A vague, do-everything, go-everywhere brand is seldom remembered. Brand owners must focus on just that.

7. How to tell a great Brand Story?

A great brand story is authentic and pure. A great brand story is a feeling; not written in words. It is a deliberate attempt to make your customers associate with you and make them feel in a certain way. You have told a great brand story when your customers feel the way you want them to feel.

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